JGB Hose,first order,not impressed

Hey guys,just received 150’ of hose from JGB today after 2 weeks of waiting.Problem is,there are no fittings,just plain 'ole bare hose.I knew it wouldn’t come with quick connects but thought it would at least have some 3/8 inch male ends to screw my fittings onto.Does their hose always come like this?I went to Southside’s sight to order a couple of the hose repair couplers with the male threads,and a couple of spare injectors,$240 dollars for shipping,the parts were $48,no soaps or chems. I’ve always ordered from PressureTek,so my first experience with Southside has left a foul taste in my mouth .The PDF JGB sent me specifically states: Couplings: Hydraulic 100R1 type crimped to fitting manufacturer specifications and the photos clearly show bend restrictors and threaded ends,so maybe it’s on me…

You need to contact them. They screwed up

Okay,I was just waiting to hear from somebody before I fired off an email,thank you William.

Cancel your order with south side…call the hose supplier, if your in need of hose quicker then later then ask them if you can just take it to a hydraulic hose shop and have them reimburse you for putting on actual crimped hydraulic lines. Do a little research and you’ll find a place near you. Any hydraulic shop should be able to do what you need

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Napa charges me under $10 for pressed fittings


Yes,I was headed to Napa tomorrow to see what they can do for me.I order fittings from them sometimes,more expensive then online but a small town parts store so I have an account.And I didn’t even checkout with Southside,I saw that shipping and thought it had to be a mistake;I can drive to Louisville in 2 hours and a tank of gas(also 2 hours and a tank of gas back…)I know they have a good rep with everyone,but 5x the amount of the order for shipping a small box of brass?That’s not for me.

Yeah something’s not right. Give them a call, I’m about 20 minutes from Southside.

Their online shipping calculator is terrible. It will get brought down to normal shipping when the order is complete.

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That’s probably true,but it’s a $250 chance I won’t take. I think I’ll follow @Innocentbystander 's advice and drop it by Napa in the morning. I am in somewhat of a hurry,need it by 7/1.

What did the 150ft hose run ya? And what are the specs?

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Just 1 wire gray,non marking. Eaglewash I think they call it.The price is great,even for single wire,I think it was $.63/ft.I have 300’ ft. of 2 wire,just buying it to check the weight difference and as a back up.I don’t do much as far as commercial or flatwork at this point in time.

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I use that hose, works well. IIRC it was like $65 for 50’ when I bought it at their store.

Curious - does anyone rate/use single braid hose over double?

I first had single, but it bared the braid very quickly from scrubbing on concrete. After two hoses and many cuts, I went double braid and always have since.

I did like the lightness of the single broad and easier handling…

We only use single wire. I need the flexibility over longevity

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Hmmm I’m due a new hose soon, maybe I’ll try single again instead of lugging this double :+1:t2:

We do a lot of apartment breezeways and two wire is too heavy and stiff going up and down stairwells.

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I might be wrong, but my research has taught me that DYI pressure repair kits are more of a band-aid than a solution. More of the kind of thing where you are on a job and a hose bust. You can band-aid it to get you through but not to use as a long-term solution as the repair kit is not the same as a professional installed fitting. Maybe someone can verify this. I have not done either, as I have purchased hoses with fittings. Busted hoses so far I have thrown in the corner. I know people turn those into smaller section hoses, but I have 4-5 50 ft sections already so that need just hasn’t been there to mess with it.

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@Innocentbystander Just left Napa,$18.60 for the 2 fittings,crimped them on for free,in and out in 3 minutes.Thanks for the heads up.


Just for follow up,I received an email from John Snyder from JGB and they refunded my shipping charges on the hose for the inconvenience.They made a mistake,they owned it,and I’m pleased with the outcome.Stand up business that stands behind their product and customer service.

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