J rods not pulling soap

Just recently recieved my j rods and went to clean my side walk and used the low fan spray tip and no soap was pulling I then switched to my black tip and noticed very quickly soap was coming out… How or what can I do to fix this?

What size machine and what size tips?

Sounds like the tips in your jrod are too high pressure to to pull soap.

My machine is a 3200 psi 2.5 gpm and the tips were 2-3 gpm

You see any numbers stamped into the tips? Should look something like “2520”

Sure do they are 2530

Hmm you should be fine, that’s 28 psi on your 2.5. You pull the nozzle off the j-rod and look inside it yet?

Are you using a DownStream injector or the built-in one on your washer?

Did you give it enough time to get through all your hose before switching to the black tip?

Downstream injector

Yes I believe so I ran it for some time… I do believe I need a longer hose but yea once I put the black tip suds came a flowing

Did you try the high soap nozzle?

Yes tried them all

So you have 2530 and 0030 tips?

How much hose are you using? And do you have more hose that you could add on?

Can you post a couple pics of your set-up?

Here’s an idea that worked very well on my Generac Speedwash 3200. The clear neoprene detergent hose was curling up in the soap tank. I went to my scrap PVC bin and found a short piece to fit over the hose to keep it straight. I put a small tie wrap through the PVC and the hose inside the tank. Now the hose sucks clean.

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I do the exact same thing. Unfortunately, the SH breaks down the zip ties and makes them brittle and they break so be aware of that.

On a side note, I wanted to say that I’m sorry for how you’ve been treated here in the past, Mr. Anderson. I know a few people here have made some very rude remarks to you. I took the time to look you up a while back and I understand that you’re just a part-timer looking to stay busy in your senior years. I think it’s shameful that people would speak to any senior the way some have spoken to you. Unfortunately, society nowadays has forgotten the concepts of respect for their elders.


When and IF they get older, they will learn as I have.