Its march maddnesssssssssssss in the pwra

Come on and Play… You can register now!!! The brackets will be uploaded as soon as they are released. There will be some giveaways for 1st 2nd and 3rd place so stay tuned for more information on that.

Register Here

I registered!
I know nothing about college basketball but this looks fun.

Bump… Brackets should be soon. We have some great prizes by,Ambidextrous services and Window cleaning resource for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. You can only win by playing. For those who don’t know how the brackets will have teams and you pick the teams that you think will win. All the way down to the championship. The most correct picked teams will win!!! It’s fun.

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

I’m in! Man, I’m gonna be upset if my Terps don’t make it in.

So my MD Terps didn’t make it in. Boo!

Brackets are out. What’s up?

I have to do the upload when I get home today. Super busy week

Brackets are online! Go make your picks!

March Madness Tournament | ARC Powerwashing

Hey Alex,

Can you explain how this online bracket thingy works? I definitely filled one out, and got emailed my picks, but I don’t see my results on the online bracket. When I click the little pencil icon, I’m only seeing 6 peoples picks, but I know there are more that are participating. I’ve never done an online bracket so I may be missing something.

Seth I don’t know why your picks didn’t save! I was looking in the back end and I don’t see where you made your picks. Sorry about the confusion. Their are several people that reg to play and alot of people according to the back side have not made picks still. This is our first go round with this software.

Did my picks save?

heres the email I received right after I entered my picks.

Oh well. There’s always next year.

I picked Miami to win the whole thing. They are beast this year!

Ok guys sorry it took so long. I got it picked. I did remove the users that reg and did not make any picks. Other than that if you made picks I got your picks uploaded. Sorry for the fustration

Any chance we could get a “refresh” on the results/standings page?

It’s a few days behind, now…

(I know I’m not leading, but I still like to see how things are going.) :slight_smile:

It’s refreshed now. We were moving all weekend. Sorry bout that folks

Ugh! Looks like I’m going to finish DFL.

There have been some great games so far. At least Duke is out. F Duke! Fear the Turtle!

The MD Terps are playing in the semi-finals of the NIT tournament tonight, by the way.

Thank god I’m not in last anymore. Was holding last for a while. Not that there’s anything wrong with last place Seth…

Well, I’m officially out of the running for 2nd place…

But that’s alright because [COLOR=#0000ff]Michigan[/COLOR] is in the National Championship game!!! :smiley:

Sorry I have not posted the winners yet.
1st place : Lucaz Bucholz
2nd Place: Joe Petrilli

PM me your address when you can so I can get the prizes out to you… Thanks very much for playing…