It's getting hot!

It’s 92 degrees here today and humid. I’m taking a quick break in a huge car dealership showroom that I’m in the middle of cleaning the windows on. How are you guys planning on dealing with the summer time heat?

It is finally out of the 50’s here!!!

Early to bed and early to rise!

We had a high of 62 today.

I do all my window cleaning in the morning and try to be done by noon so its not too bad when I’m window cleaning but I do all my pressure washing in the afternoon. Like you, it is getting pretty hot here in Texas also. I always have a cooler full of water and gatorade and I drink a lot of it on the days I’m pressure washing vehicles at dealerships.

Its up to about 85 here now… and SOO muggy…

Early to bed early to rise is where its at. It gets hot under that glass Micah!

Same going on down here. Ugh, it’s too early for this humidity.