It this big enough?

Im about to buy another pressure washer. Is there that much difference between 4gpm and 5.5gpm? or should I just jump up to the big boy 8gpm? Found a 5.5 gpm with 2500 psi. at powerwashstore. Will 2500 be sufficent for my concrete cleaning too or do I need more cowbell… I mean psi :smiley:

From my experience, psi only plays a minor part in cleaning. The higher gpm is maximum performance. Is there a much of a difference between the 4 and 5.5gpm? …depends on the application and surface equipment you plan to use. If it would be equal then the same tips should perform the same…and they don’t ! If you got the money, go for 8gpm. Talk to Bill he would guide you accordingly.

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I would say from my experience, I would say 2500psi would be too little PSI to clean really dirty concrete effectively. It will take you longer to clean it on the dirty jobs. I would recommend a 3000psi 8gpm from Bob at pressure Tek. I think they’re under $3000

Thanks Laurie and I have already been leaning toward 8gpm but I was told I might waste to much chemical with a 8gpm because Ive never used one with that much gpm. As for bob im good Ive called him a couple times about parts and Idk if he was having bad days like we all have but I would much rather buy from Bill and Paul at because they remind me of Steve Wright from customer factor who has the best customer service out there IMHO.

Omg. You did not just type that!!! Lol

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Yea I was thinking the same thing myself Jeremy. 3000 is the lowest I would go because Ive used 2800 and 3200psi and they both clean good with a surface cleaner but the 3200 is just more efficient.

Oh yea and they’ve beat Bob on prices everytime :cool: which is most important when your not rolling in the dough…

Bret, Bob must have been having a rough day because he is a really great guy and has always given me customer service. Funny you should say that about customer service because mine is the opposite with Paul’s staff. They lost 2 water dragon sales from me and another member on this board because of the girl who answers the phone. I refuse to buy anything from there because of how she talks to people. I have spent 10s of thousands of dollars with Bob and I love that he never sells you what you don’t need. There’s only 4 places I would do business with…Bob at pressure Tek, Russ at Southside Equipment, Micheal and Trey at, and Alex and Chris at WCR. If one of them don’t got it, I typically don’t need it lol

The girl is new and what I do is just leave a message. I deal directly with Bill

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Yea people have those but Paul must not have that girl anymore because I’ve probably called 10-15 times in the past month and 99% of the time I talk to Bill and the other 1% was Paul. Either way powerwashstore has been better on price for me every time.

Don’t forget about your 5% PWRA discount at - that adds up on a new pressure washer.

You mentioned concrete… are you planning on cleaning a lot of concrete? If you’re cleaning enough concrete to warrant an 8gpm machine, you may also need heat. Just something to think about.

Bobs a stand up guy. Never had any problems and is always able to help.

I’ll vouch for Bob too. He’s great!

I consider Bob W, Paul K, & Russ Johnson just about the best Distributors a Contractor could have…Just Saying.

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I dont do a lot of concrete cleaning and house washing but at the same time I havent been marketing either. Just been feasting off window cleaning referrals which has translated into quite a bit of concrete and house washing. How much time do you think the average person would save by using a 8gpm over 4 or 5.5 gpm???

Just guessing but I would say a 5.5 would be about 30% faster then a 4gpm. An 8gpm would be about 50% faster then a 4gpm. Those are just estimates, but I’ve used all three before… and I use an 8gpm now.

GPM doesn’t matter if you dont have the proper surface cleaner set up to go with it.

FWIW, Bob’s high quality service and expertise is priceless to me, far more valuable than saving a few bucks on any product. His advice and recommendations have saved me $1000’s of dollars more than a few bucks I would have saved buy shopping with anyone else.

Russ Johnson is also a good guy I have done business with a few times and he has always treated me right.

I dont do much window related work but when I need something Chris and Alex are the guys I call.

Gonna have to disagree with your first statement: GPM doesn’t matter if you dont have the proper surface cleaner set up to go with it. When I just started off I had a 3.5gpm running a 20inch whirl away and back then to me it performed a few months later I changed the tips to optimize performance an it did. So my point is that most cleaners come with standard tips, use the formula and calculate the best for your machine. I think Bret may need to try 1502s

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FYI :don’t wanna get Into too much politics but when I was shopping around for my trailer I called all these guys and I always felt like just another nagging customer with all my dumb questions which I had a right to ask. Bill spent days on the phone with me but their biggest downfall was that they did not have any pictures of how it was going to look and I needed that… When I told him I was going with ICES in Miami he understood and said I can still contact them for parts etc. I liked that!

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I run all 8GPM machines and would not settle for anything smaller. Of course this is not what we started out with, 15 years ago. Our first machines were 4.8GPM Hydroteks, then went to 5.5, then 6 and now 8. Sold all the rest, just have the 8’s now. Their ability to clean fast is unmatched and they rock for a 1 man crew.

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