It got me thinking

So 2 day’s ago I washed a home that was on the market, beautiful property. When I hooked up my buffer tank to the homes water supply, I noticed 2 big blue filters.

I went on to work and did the usual (elemonator & SH) when I was done the client thanked me for cleaning there windows too, he was thrilled that he didn’t need to spend any more money on cleaning the windows… I went to look and I was AMAZED! As a former window cleaner I agreed the results where so good that it really didn’t need to get the windows cleaned just amazing.

Now I’ve been thinking of adding those filters to my system just for house washed, Would it be expensive in the long run?? If the filters are big enough to treat a 5,000 sqft home I’d assume they would give me some type of life out of them? Maybe?

Probably just a water softening system of some sort. What is the TDS in your area?

As far as adding the filters to your system, you’re better of spending the money on a WFP system and selling the window cleaning to the customer as an add on. Easy money.

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Depends, what were the filters??? Spill it…

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Those big blues usually contain a pleated prefilter and a carbon filter, I change rain water tank ones yearly and wash prefilter every couple of month’s.

were the windows hydrophilic or hydrophobic?

A mix of both, Mainly phobic…

What the difference? And how can you tell ?

Hydrophylic glass- Sheets the water off…

Hydrophobic- Hates water per sé and the water beads on the glass


My area has low TDS. My windows always come out looking like they were windexed and dried


I have filters and can select a reel with 376’ of line of feed my buffer tank at 4.5 gpm. I wash my own house, truck, trailer, boats, sideXside etc this way feeding my 6gpm washer. No pure water going to my 8gpm but really no need as just a final rinse gets it perfect.

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