Is this worth 8k?

Title says it all. That’s what I offered contingent on checking it out in person. Seems like a deal but wanted to get multiple opinions please!! image|375x500

My guess is, anything with those tips is not professional grade or over priced or something.

Like, if I built a rig like that to sell to a pro, those garbage tips would be where they belong, the garbage.

It looks like this is built to attract noobs that get sold on how cool it looks. Aka the Reach-It business model.

I see the hours and it looks like it was taken care of - what does it retail for? What are the specs?

Hydromax attaches those tips to their machines too and it’s definitely a professional machine. They’re built for the oil fields. They also give you hose and an chem injector. They probably do it so you have the correct size tips for high pressure washing and you’re ready to go.

Not sure where you’re located @softworks but checkout Hydromax. You can get an 8 gpm hot water for a little under $8k.

I got the Kohler fuel injected. It’s a 26.5 hp engine so it’s a beast of a washer. @qons, @Racer, and @DJPWS have one too. I think Rick has the gx690 on his.


8k isn’t a bad price for the hydro max. But this guy will take 8k for everything… trailer, tanks, reels, and machine

Oh…my bad. In that case I’d go for it. Most hot water washers are built with similar parts. They throw them together and slap their company sticker on it. That machine looks clean and 160 hours is nothing. Is it a dual axle trailer?

I think its only 16.0 hours.

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Buy it.

That’s what I’m thinking. AND he’s willing to take 6k. That 7’x16’ trailer is way too much for me so it’s going to be a lot of work to sell the 7’x16’, buy a smaller trailer and move everything to it. Explained that to him and he was fine with 6k. Anybody want to buy a 7’x16’ trailer?? Lol

If those hours are genuine that things brand new not even run in yet.

That’s a nice setup! And yes I love my 8.5

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Do a rig tour I wanna see more if this! That must have been brand new lol. Burner cover still looks new!

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Depends on location…where is this located?


Virginia Beach area, VA

Road trip ? We can stop buy and eat some real BBQ at @Firefighter4hire

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Even better

Actually, those pictures are from today. I treat my Hydromax better than I do people…lol. I did a quick polish a few weeks ago.

Pretty sure the trailer and wrap alone is worth around 6k (assuming it has a wrap)

The hot water system with honda and (hp pump?) probably 4-5k with low hours,

probably another $1000 in other equipment. 1000 in installation labor.

$12k+ in value for 8k.
Then probably days worth of time.

It is a good deal imo, but probably not an ideal layout for long term

Any time my friend. Just let me know

Only if he lets me bring my own BBQ sauce.

Sauce is boss!

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I will be in VA Beach on Wednesday if you want me to look at it. You know my number