Is this the right job to break into the business?

Hey everyone. I’ve been a member of WCRA for a couple of years. Lurked on these forums for a while. Looking to make the move to house washing (primarily). I clean a restaraunt right now, and they asked if we pressure wash. I contract out all the pressure washing business to a guy I know right now (by contract out, I mean I give him the business. He’s a good guy and does a good job- met him at another business. He throws stuff my way now and again). As I’ve been really contemplating getting into Pressure Washing, I was thinking this may be a good place to start.

The thing is, is that they want the patio area cleaned, the dumpster area cleaned and the parking lot spto cleaned. My question is: Would one of the 4gpm cold water machines from Pressuretek cut it for the parking lot? Its a new restaraunt (built a few months ago), so while there’s oil stains, they’re not extensive (yet) (don’t know if this makes a difference). Any help is appreciated.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’d be nice to break in to this part of the business with an already obtained flow of income to justify the expense of the equipment. But should I just leave this sort of work to a professional and bit the bullet to get equipment for house washing?

My first job was with a 3gpm machine. It was a 750k dollar home. Whole house, long driveway, paver patio, deck, sidewalk. I charged $800 and did it in 2 days by myself. I was happy with it because I wasn’t busy at the time so could take my time and had great results for the before and after photos. The customer was happy and said she’d be calling again when it gets dirty. I think with a machine that size you can get any job done but maybe not as quickly or efficiently as another method. But if you’re not booked up it shouldn’t be a big deal anyway. Just go get your feet wet.

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Ok maybe not ANY job, but there’s a lot of guys that will say “oh no way you can’t use this for that or that for this” , but it’s really them talking from what they wouldn’t want to do at this point in time. Not everyone is in the same situation and I think people on forums tend to disregard that


i’d go ahead and do it, be sure to register your company as an S corporation, contact a local CPA before doing anything because then you will have to hire him to fix it -.-

get insurance

and cold water is fine, maybe use straight degreaser with a pump sprayer for the first two times, then just DS and go to town. OR RENT a hot water until you can buy one

you can also get an ad on hot box like a few guys have. but if you have the money buy one already set up off the get-go

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I’ve been servicing 12 fast food restaurants this year. I can’t imagine doing it without heat. 7gpm/4000psi is my setup with reclaim.

You will have grease, oil, tire marks on curbing and gum. Plus, just black in traffic lanes and entry ways.

When was the concrete poured? Less than 1.5 years increases chances of etching, especially if you are trying to get gum up without heat.

Hope it works out for you. :facepunch:


Btw, this is how i broke into the business. I’m happy to talk😊 here is some of what you could expect:


GREAT video!!

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Thank you everyone for the responses! I really appreciate it! I’m still marrying down what I’m going to end up doing, but with your input I may go the route of renting a hot water machine and seeing how it goes. Again, thanks for the advice!