Is this SH still good / useable

So I had a major slowdown / job that fell through in my business and I have roughly 12-15 gallons of SH unopened in 1 gallon jugs that I had leftover from before my slowdown. I picked them up from the pool store at the very end of June. So they have been sitting in my garage since June 25, again unopened. I have two jobs coming up and ide like to use them. The jobs are two vinyl house washes and one roof. Do you think they are still fresh / good to use? If possible ide really like to use them instead of buying all new.

You can always mix old with new & it seems to wake up the old stuff. How old it is depends on how long they had it before you bought it. If it’s Vertex, the jugs have a date on them & the cases have a date code; the letter represents the month of manufacture (E = May, F = June, etc…). SH doesn’t go bad, it just gets weaker as it ages. 3 month old SH will still work but it’s started to decline.

Ditto, find out the manufacturer of the bleach (ie Champion etc) and post the date code on here, we’ll find out how old it is.

I bought some 12% pool shock a couple years ago and couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long on houses. Turns out it was about 5 months old so by that time it had stabilized to around 7-8% and downstreaming at .8% was pretty much useless to me.

It’ll be fine.

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Ide use it, it’s perfectly fine.

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Where’s the “light ‘er up and get ‘er done” button? :smile:
Did you store the bleach outside/inside? In direct sunlight? Air conditioned garage? All those are factors - as well as the date of manufacture as stated above by the other guys.


Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. If it’s not cleaning like you want, add some more to your mix

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We buy in bulk, and last year things dropped off in the fall I had a few hundred gallons that was delivered in like August, used the last of it this spring and it worked about as good as the 7.5% pool stuff would. Upped the mix about 0.5% until our fresh delivery. At full throttle we only get a delivery ever 3-4 weeks. It’s kept unmixed in a tank indoors and not in the sunlight…so you should be just fine, it’s not that serious of an issue.

Like Racer said, if you noticed that it isnt strong enough, make your mix stronger.
Mine last undershade about 5 months or so, from Oct to Feb

It’s in a garage in a box no direct sunlight. Garage dosnt have a/c

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Mine eother, it should be good