Is this setup worth $3k?

I am looking for a reasonably good startup machine to do some smaller commercial jobs like HOA common areas and normal residential stuff. Mainly concrete or brick pavers…
The setup is as follows:
375 gallon tank (new)
Honda gx630 (200 hrs)
Cat 4k/4gpm pump (new)
Large gas tank
200 ft hose with electric reel.
Twin head wand
Mounted on a 6x12 ft steel trailer (not a flatbed, but designed for this system) tires new, LED lights, very clean looking, no rust or issues with trailer.

Sorry for asking a question without having researched that much, but I have an opportunity to buy and didn’t want to make a bad choice.

It sounds mismatched, but I don’t know too much yet.

Pics ?

The picture was horrible, he sent me a video, of which I took screen shots. It’s over an hour away, so if it’s something worth looking into, I may take a ride, but figured I’d get some input first.

Can you put the vid on YouTube and then put a link here?

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What the heck. A 4/4 Cat direct drive on a GX630??

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Man I’m sorry, but that thing looks like a death trap. Don’t even think of towing that tank on that trailer with any liquids in it. PM me if you want a long lecture on trailer safety and why that setup will cause a wreck carrying water. Also, a gx630 can push a 5.5/3.5k or 7/3000 pump (little bit of a stretch on that one)

Why someone would build a custom trailer with a raised tank to feed a direct drive off a gx630 is beyond me lol.


Is there a muffler on that GX, or is that a straight pipe? Also looks like the motor was bolted directly to the frame without any vibration damping?

My initial impression from the equipment list was to counter $2500 so you have something to put towards a decent pump. But the more I look at the pics, the more I think


They had no clue what they were doing on that build…

Thanks for confirming my concerns. Gonna pass!

…no. I understand if you’re on a budget but that’s not a good setup.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m about 98% sure that’s just a recycled jet ski trailer with an old boom sprayer tank for the buffer. Some people’s kids man…


I think it’s an agriculture sprayer that was converted to a pressure washer motor and pump. Staying away.

Gonna buy a nice belt drive… With a 5.5, am I going to need a buffer tank if running it from city water hose?

Yes you will need a buffer tank