Is this guy a...HACK...?

When you guys refer to “hacks” in this business…is this the guy?

Watch long enough to get a look at his machine.


To each his own, but I’d rather be making $125 an hour.


bystander how much do make a avg day??? hello

Your house is 3800 square feet, two stories, with approximately 5000 square feet of concrete?

Don’t mind me. Been drinking and eating hot dogs.

7 dollars and enough change for a can of cheerwine

I knew that was coming.

Who in their right mind would let this guy pressure wash their house in the first place?

“I cut the GFCI plug off once…”

Funny seeing this… someone in our local area posted on Facebook looking for a house wash… wife replies giving my name and number and that I manage a mobile wash company… Then 3 replies from others saying they own a pressure washer and can wash the house “will match or beat the other guys quote” almost makes me want to lowball the crap out of it so they are working for nothing lol

Came across this high quality wash job today while looking at a potential rental property. $99 wash guy from Thumbtack strikes again!

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” -Warren Buffett

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Some of that “economy” service…

I used to be extremely low-pressure in my sales tactics. But lately, when it comes to power washing, I have gotten just a tiny bit more aggressive in discrediting these hacks. I’ve seen what they’ve done to homes in my area. Home’s that I’ve later cleaned the windows, after having their painter power wash the house “cause he was already there, and could do it a little cheaper.” Having to stare at Zoro’s handiwork all day put me in a different mindset, lol.

So in your example, I might have made a post in reply, to try and set myself apart from these ‘guys with a pressure washer’.


"I admire the fact that these gentlemen are eager to make a living, and use the resources and energy at their disposal to do so. But with all due respect, I’m not just some guy who happens to own a pressure washer. I have been in business for x years, and have a stirling reputation to uphold. I have spent hours of research and practice to ensure that I don’t ever cause the same kind of damage that I have seen from many other pressure waashers being used improperly. I have also found ways to work faster and safer by almost never needing to get on a ladder, and never, ever spraying from the ladder (a very unsafe practice that I see other power washers do on a regular basis)

In the unlikely event that I were to somehow cause damage to a customer’s property, or worse, inadvertently cause an injury, I am fully insured. But over the x years I’ve been in business, I have never filed a claim.

Please take a moment to look at our dozens of 5 star reviews on various websites like Google, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor, and compare them to whomever else you are considering hiring.

And whoever you decide to use, for your own protection, please ask for a certificate of their liability insurance, and several references to call. You are entrusting a power washing professional with what is likely your largest investment: your home. Take care :grin:

[insert awesome before and after picture here]


That was a good laugh.

If I was feeling especially peeved, I might even drop the line that “their sales tactics betray a lack of character.” I would never dream of attempting to muscle in on a conversation when another business is being recommended, and pipe up “I can do it cheaper!”

But infortunately, that seems to be the status quo for FaceBook. I don’t market at all there. The level of discourse often seems like a step between CraigsList and Youtube commenters.

Yeah I am not one to typically advertise on Facebook (or at all in general). We have a little home built website, phone book and word of mouth. I did make sure to specify that we use low pressure application and low pressure rinsing so as not to damage the house when the client called.

I got lucky with Facebook swap & shops in the early months. Really… I can credit them for showing me that this is a viable business model. I’m glad I didn’t run into those price competing uninsured yahoos…

This guy is Awsome! I thought I needed a trailer, truck, ladder racks and insurance to Power Wash. Man do I feel stupid now. Also I love his baby mullet that he is growing.

This guy is hilarious are there any other videos!?