Is this a good start?

Came across this pump and was wondering if this is a good pump to start with for roof cleaning? :confused:

Everflo Model: EF7000

Delavan Model: FB 2 / 7870 Demand Pump

Demand Switch - Operates only when liquid flow is required.

• Delavan proudly announces the FB 2 our new 7 GPM pump
• The FB 2 is the most powerful 12 volt pump Delavan has ever made
• The FB 2 has been developed by the world’s most experienced engineers in diaphragm pump technology to achieve 10% increase in flow through-out the pump pressure range
• The FB 2 out performs other 7 GPM rated 12 volt pumps
• It features a more powerful, longer life motor
• It sustains it performance in continuous use, while other pumps experience a significant drop off in performance after a few hours of running
• The FB 2 is the most cost effective pump for the flow in the field today
• This US made product is 100% assembled and tested in our factory in Minneapolis, MN

• Demand Switch – Operates only when liquid flow is required
• Volts: 12 VDC
• Motor: 12 VDC permanent magnet, totally enclosed, non-ventilated
• Leads: 14 AWG, 12” long
• Pump Type: 5 Chamber positive displacement diaphragm
• Pump is capable of being run dry
• Excellent self-priming capability
• Max. Flow: 7.0 GPM
• Pressure Shut-Off: 60 PSI
• Amps: 11 – 17
• Liquid Temp.: 140° Max.
• Priming Capabilities: 14’
• Inlet/Outlet Ports: 1/2” FNPT
• Pump Housing: Nylon
• Valves: Viton
• Diaphragm: Santoprene
• Fasteners: Stainless steel
• Weight: 8.0 lbs

This pump is labeled as a Everflo EF7000 and distributed by Everflo, however Delavan has manufactured it for Everflo. This is the Delavan PowerFlo FB 2 / 7870-101E demand pump.

It will probably work. Are you buying it from a dedicated and proven roof cleaning supplier/partner that you can get service, advice, and input from, or or are you going to do this without a support team?

Tim. To be honest, I was planning on building a simple system myself and using it until I see what kind of work I am getting in my area. I know I will be asked about roof cleaning sooner or later and I just want to be ready. I made my own deck sprayer for cleaners/sealers before and had good success. I searched for pumps and found that for $189 with free shipping. For that price even if I got 5 or 6 roofs out of it I would be happy. I’d just buy another one. As a matter of fact I might just buy 2, just to be safe. If I start getting serious roof work, I will go for the dedicated roof cleaning supplier. I just watched a guy drive down my street and do three roofs in about 2 hours. He was driving an old beat up pick up with an old 8X10 trailer. I asked the neighbor what he charges and they said $150 for the first cleaning and $50 every year to come and spray the roof…I’m not even sure he rinses it. So that’s what i will be dealing with.

I get that. My question was and still is;

Are you buying it from a dedicated and proven roof cleaning supplier/partner that you can get service, advice, and input from, or or are you going to do this without a support team?

You don’t have to ghetto it alone until you decide that it might turn into something, treat it like you are serious from the beginning. It is true that you could save (maybe) $50.00 if you buy it wholesale. But I wish that I could put in to words the value that is added when you are stuck on a job, dead in the water and one phone call to the man that you bought the pump from gets you back in business. On the spot. Because he has been there and knows the secrets.

To be back in business the same day instead of being out of commission for three days while you try to figure it out alone and wait on your wholesale pump replacement to show up is not worth fifty dollars?

It is the pump we use and really like it. We get about 1 year out of pump using it 3-4 days a week 8 hour days. I would go ahead and get 2. One for back up and get extra relays for it you can have a new one put on in no time and be back to business.

Thanks TFFighter thats what I wanted to hear.

I completely understood your question, and I thought I answered it. Maybe in a roundabout way. I’ve been in business for myself since 1991, whether it was landscaping or deck restoration/pressure washing. And know about being stuck out in the field. I was planning on buying two(which I stated) pumps (for $372 BTW, w/free shipping), so if the pump goes down I’ll be back on the job in ten minutes, not three days. And how will a phone call from a sales rep going to get me up and running on the spot if the pump craps the bed? If it is something simple I can usually figure it out, If not I’ll slap the spare on and deal with it later. Also, I don’t consider assembling the system myself “ghetto” I consider it “custom made”! :smiley: I hope I don’t sound rude or disrespectful. I was just asking if that pump will work. I am very serious in what I am doing,and I don’t see how being wary of the situation says otherwise.

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We’re cool. It is expected that some people are focused in the cheapest price and customer service has no value.

I wish you well. I am sure that you’ll do fine.

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It’s probably hard for some people to understand exactly what you’re saying without experiencing it personally. I can honestly say that my business would never be where it is today without that support and being able to call an expert anytime you need. That is priceless.

Ralph the thing is for this link which happens to be Pressure Tek you don’t get some sales rep or operator in a call center, you get service from a guy, ‘Bob’ who really knows how this stuff works. Let’s say you are having cycling issues and the relay or pump burns up, you replace the pump and the same thing just happens again to the next one. OR Pump starts cycling you call Bob, he asks you what tips you’re using, you change to the correct size, it solves the problem and you save 2 pumps from the scrap heap. It’s just an example but I’m sure you get the idea. Tim is just trying to tell you that service AFTER the sale has a value. If you really know your way around these pumps then it won’t natter, but if your asking if the pump is any good, it will probably be nice to have an expert that’s a phone call away.

Well you guys talked me into it! Just ordered one of the roof kits with 200 feet of hose and the box upgrade from pressure tek. was trying to buy locally from pressurewasherproducts but for some reason they don’t answer emails or ebay requests, so I took your advice(should have taken it in the first place) I ordered a 5850 pump. that should get me through my first few roofs. Is it wise to use that for rinsing too. I saw a roof cleaner at the end of my street doing a roof and he was using the same wand and hose to rinse. couldn’t see where the hose went but he didn’t have a tank in his truck(that I could see) He did a good job too.

Some roof cleaners don’t rinse at all. For me sometimes I do sometimes I don’t but when I do I use the low pressure soap tip without having the injector in the soap. Everybody has different methods, just make sure that if you do rinse you are using extremely low pressure because you will certainly cause some damage b6 using to much. You will he very glad one day that you ordered from Bob. Every time I have had trouble or just a simple question he either answered my call or called me right back.

Wow, you dodged a bullet there.

You won’t regret it even if it was a little more money. Most everyone recommends Bob
at pressure tek, Bill and Paul at powerwashstore, and Jason at KEC. You don’t have to just use one either. I bought my roof rig from Paul and my pressure washer from Jason any they both have excellent customer service.