Is this a good setup?

I am currently looking to upgrade my equipment. My current 3100 PSI with 2.8 gpms isn;t cutting it, and I need something bigger. SO here is what I am thinking about getting.

~~General Belt Drive Pump, Gen. Pump Pulsar Unloader Valve, 8 GPM @ 3000 PSI, GX630 Honda Engine (From pressure Tek of course)
~~Big Boy surface cleaner from Whisper Wash
~~100’ pressure hose
~~24’ telescoping wand

Is this good, or should I look at something else. The big factors are the pressure washer and the surface cleaner.

I think that’s a great start, except I would buy more 3/8" hose and skip the 24’ wand. Don’t forget a downstream nozzle kit and spare injectors.

What Brian said. Skip the 24’ noodle thing.

Ask Bob at PTek what else you need to get started. he will never sell you one thing that you don’t need.

As a matter of fact, he would probably try to talk you out of the noodle if you give him a chance.

Oh, and please consider joining the PWRA.

The people that run it don’t solicit members but both Brian and I think that membership is a smart move.

I actually am considering joining PWRA. Probably within the next month or so.

So why not the noodle? Up to this point I have needed the noodle to get some higher spots. I have some “fond memories” of being 15’ up a ladder and using a noodle to get to the top of some peaks, because that was the only way I could get them. I trust your advice on the no noodle, but i’m not understanding. :confused:

Because we clean 38’ from the ground without a noodle.

I bought one for church steeples because your fifty feet above ground on an open roof and the little fatboy pump can’t fight the wind. So I am not saying that you will never use a noodle, just that it took us four years to find a job that we had to buy one for.

OK…help me understand. I suppose if I ask Bob at PTek he will set me up with how to do that. LOL I currently could not clean that house you pictured without a ladder and a noodle, and it would probably take me about 2.5 hours just to clean that section of the house in that picture

I have so much to learn…

That was a $650.00 job. We did it several years ago and I imagine that it probably took two of us two and a half hours or so to complete. He signed up at the Home Show last weekend to get it washed again. I expect that it will take one man 2.5 hours or so.

Ask Bob for a downstreaming kit for the machine you order.

It would probably be good if you learned to use google to search the forums.

You would google downstream

And then read for a while. Try some other search terms.

Get a neck brace because your head will spin.