Is there an admin here?

Hi, I just joined PWRA with hope that I could get my hands on a form tonight for a new employee in the morning. I know it can take 48 hours per the email that I just got after I paid…but can you hook me up? That’s probably a tall order for 11pm on Friday night. But hey, no harm in asking right? Maybe you could email it to me upon confirmation that I just paid up? :wink:

Hey, Lee!
Welcome to the Pressure Washing Resource Association!

I’m sorry we couldn’t get you taken care of but everyone was out of the office by five. All downloads are processed in the office in New Jersey. I will get you hooked up on the forum side of things this weekend and Kate will get you built in on that end when they get back in the office.

Are you planning on coming to the convention and trade show in Nashville in August?
Pressure Washing Convention 2013

No worries Thad, I kinda figured that it was a shot in the dark but thought I’d try anyway. I’m not sure about the convention, but based upon the line up/content I’m totally interested.