Is my pump corroded?

Is my pump corroded all through? I have an excell 3100 and i just got my chemical injector today so i removed the barb from my pump so i can plug it and the screw part of it just snapped in half. After a few minutes trying to twist the remaining piece out, i looked inside and its blue/white and mucky, soft like mud almost. My stepdad bought this washer years ago and used it once and its sat in my garage for some time now. Any ideas on what it could be and how i can clean it out? Or maybe i will need to replace the pump entirely… help me out :pray:

This was the screw

I don’t believe that’s where ur DS injector goes, most have a quick connect on each end and hook right into the end of the pump (between your machine and hose)

@Flo-Real do you have a slightly more zoomed out photo of the pump?

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This was the built in barb i had removed to plug it

like this? I had recorded a video but i cant upload it for some reason

What engine do you have and how many gpm is the pump? It might just be worth completely upgrading the whole machine. Even if you keep the engine you can get new smaller pumps for less than $100.

Have you tried running it yet?

I would hope he has :joy:

If wanting to use current pump perhaps utilize a downstream injector with M22 connectors if such a thing can be had? You may have to plug the current hole with a bolt or plug, but perhaps not?

212 cc ohv gas engine and 2.8gpm
Im using this one cuz i dont have money for a new one and this was in my garage , i havent even got gas for it yet cause its been raining like crazy in miami. Got back to it yesterday cause i was in california for a bit and and noticed the bolt snapped in half when i tried to take it out so i was curious if its possible that all the parts inside are just as fragile as the barb i removed.
The last time this thing was ran had to be over a year ago and i wasnt around for it so i have no idea what was pushed through the pump.

If it doesnt rain monday i’m going to take it out and test it

She* lmao.

My bad, you dont see to many woman pressure washers on here.

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Thats the beauty of it

Since you live where it doesn’t freezes it should be fine as long as it ran before. You might have to clean the carb though. I’d replace the barb, hook it up to water, and give it a try. If it doesn’t start we can walk you through cleaning a carb. It’s not difficult.

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Thanks for the advice, see you in a few days👍

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