Is lack of GPM causing this sputtering (video attached)?

I washed a family members house the other day and everything went well except my PW (4GPM,4000, Belt drive) would sputter every now and again. I was able to take video of it happening (see link below). My assumption is that this likely means I was not getting 4 GPM from the houses faucet. Is that accurate? (I didn’t get a chance to test the GPM after I finished). I’ll be going back in week or so, so I’ll do the GPM test then, but just wanted to confirm that is the likely cause, or if maybe there is something else it could be that I’m not experienced enough to know about:


That and or air, which could also mean a leak in supply letting air in.

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Was it on a well? Check for leaks? Belt slipping? Are you down streaming?

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Not on a well. I was down streaming, yes. Not sure about belt slipping or any leaks, will have to investigate further.

Check for leaks make sure your belt isnt getting wet. Change out you soap injector. You did have filter on bottom of soap tube correct. If all of those things are good unloader may be sticking operate the the unloader and reset it

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