Is it worth changing nozzles?


Not sure about this…

15LPM @ 4000psi machine using 25020 (x2 in surface cleaner)

If I use the same surface cleaner with:

18LPM @ 3000psi machine

…would it benefit noticeably by putting larger orifice nozzles in?

Say 25025’s? 25030’s?



Yes. Right now you’re restricting flow on the larger machine. A good portion of your flow is getting bypassed.

Just a suggestion: since this is a US based forum, it would be helpful if you converted your metric units to standard. We’ll all be able to help you a little more easily.

You’ll also get more helpful information when looking at a nozzle chart, if you’re already thinking in GPM.


I tried to count by nines and square the radius of the dangling modifier but came up with 754 gpm


tell you one thing…
metric is much easier and simpler.


but then again we are in the states


Noted :wink:

Thanks for all the replies! I’ll get some ordered.

So, as the pressure is pretty low on this pump, the 25025’s will be better?

(I assume the added flow of using 30’s will reduce the pressure further).

Have a great day!


I have noticed several things of late with my SC, a 20" hammerhead: Does NOT perform well with my lower pressure PW, performs much better with my higher pressure PW at 100’ of hose, and performs even better with both PW kicking almost 10GPM.

My takeaway from this experience is to make certain that I have enough power to properly drive my SC, because that sucker is a money machine!:grinning:


Thanks. I’ll get some of the 25025’s ordered today :+1:t2:


Are you using 1/2” hose George?


Hey all, I am using a 10GPM pump. Was wondering if anyone had recommendations on a sprayer/tips that would work? I’ve been looking for tips but can only find 7-8 GPM.


Sorry if you already know this but…

The tips are based on spray pattern and flow. (I think the benchmark for PSI is always 4000)

Spray pattern is generally 15 degrees, or 25 degrees for surface cleaners, 25 degrees being more common.

So let’s say 25 degrees.

Example of flow would be a 4GPM pump using size 20 nozzles, that’s 2GPM per nozzle = 4GPM.

So in this case you would have two 25020 nozzles in a surface cleaner for a 4GPM set up.

Not sure if that helps!


No, just 3/8, but I DO seem to be going through hoses pretty fast. I’ve burned through both the hoses you and @Innocentbystander gifted me last year and one more since then. The way I measured my volume is by removing my gun and cranking both PWs for 1 minute. I filled one and almost the second 5 gal bucket in 60 seconds. When I put a pressure gauge on the setup with my gun I discovered that I only get the pressure of the machine that pushes the greatest pressure, my 4k machine, but get most of the water from my 5.5gpm AND my 4GPM machines.


WOW! I never really questioned the numbers associated with those PW tips, and now I wish that I had. I now understand that a 2520 will restrict the flow of water out of a 8+ gallon system and that I may need to invest in some 2540s. THANKS, @SteveNash.