Is it possible?

Customer has some light black streaks on his roof. Would I be able to ds straight 12.5 and a surfactant to take care of this?

If they’re as light as they look in the pics then a DS may take care of them.

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What’s your take on TSP I hear some folks mixing in their solution the day before so it mixes properly. Never tried the Chem. Any opinion?


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I can’t think of anything you can purchase that is actually tsp. 50% at best. Sodium carbonate as a filler. Either way, I wouldn’t worry about using it

you do think that can be ds’ed innocent? Straight 12.5 and some surfactant?


Any alternative methods or chemicals? Hate to lose out on a potential client

Tons of alternatives. Do a quick search on roof cleaning. Don’t worry about losing the customer. That would be like being mad at the painter for not unclogging the toilet. Tell them you wash houses, not roofs.

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I appreciate the wisdom hat tip

Can you walk the roof? It looks a little steep from the pic, but if you can safely walk it, you can just use a pump up sprayer.

Other than that, the 12V route is the most common/easy solution… which one or two roof jobs would pay for.

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Will I have to plumb my 30 gallon tank to gravity feed the pump or will it pull from the tank if I drop the hose in? The x jet seems like a good alternative as well.

If you are asking what type of mix and how to apply STAY AWAY from doing this roof. Would you want someone unsure of their process cleaning YOUR roof? Learn, learn & LEARN some more before trying to clean a roof. It isn’t as simple as down-streaming your chemical and collecting $$$. One mistake may cost you thousands and put a rapid end to your business…

The 12V pump? It will pull from the tank if you drop the hose in.

You would have a better chance with the Xjet compared to DS’ing, but 12V trumps both. Very few people use an Xjet on roofs, because it dilutes the bleach too much.

Few months back I xjeted a 40% mix SH to a roof and it wouldn’t clean it. Last week a neighbor of a house we were washing wanted her garage roof cleaned. This time we xjeted straight Sh and serfactant and it worked great.

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Dwell time in 85 degree weather with the beating?

yes it was much hotter out then it was during the fist one we did

Pull all the injectors out of your xjet and cut your machine down and you could do it that light of a stain. But 12V better by far. For what you can charge for just the front 1/2 of this roof you can make a basic 12V system and do the roof right.

I would be at $400 at least for that. You can buy a 100psi FB pump for $175, get a 5/8 or 3/4 draw hose with filter, get a fnpt to GH connector from anywhere, a $7 gilmor hose nozzle and 200’ of 1/2" garden hose (cheapest stuff you can get, since you’ll throw away at some point), 55 gal drum, and a battery and you can make a ton of money with that setup