Is every state is going to bady or is it going national body

Question about the org. is there going small body in every state to build to reconition if not how do you plan to build reconnition.

One clarification- this is not an org.

No politics.
No elections.
No back room deals.
No lobbying.

This is a for-profit association that offers marketing materials, postcards, proposal packets, email templates, door hangers, webinars, public and private forums, and other tools to help the average, every day contractor put more money in his pocket immediately. There are over 100 pieces ready for immediate download and more coming. We will continue to add fresh content as long as the association exists.

No pie in the sky promises.
Just immediate results.

Plus, the first 25 new people to join get a copy of Kevin Dubrosky’s book “$600/hr” for free. This marketing book sells for $149.00.
If you have seen him speak at NOLA or an NCE event you know he knows his stuff.

Oh, and you get a huuuuuge sticker!
Right now! No waiting!
They’re all cut and boxed up and ready to go!