Is a General pump worth it over an AR for infrequent use (weekly at most)?

After many hours of research, I’m ready to purchase my first PW. I’ll be a weekends-only guy for a year or two, practicing on the houses of basically everyone I know. I’ll be doing primarily housewashes and surface cleaning (no roofs). I want to get as comfortable as possible (and make sure I love it) before considering doing it for strangers as a legitimate business.

All things considered, I’m going with a 4 GPM Direct Drive to start. I know most of you are shaking your head :slight_smile: but I think it makes sense for my situation, i.e. I want to learn and see if I truly like it, and if I decide to do this as a real business, I will purchase an 8 GPM in a year or two, and the 4 will be an OK backup. If I don’t decide to do it as a business, I’ll have a pretty good machine to keep my own house clean for years to come :).

Anyway, I think this model below is the winner. $1,139 (shipping included) is best price I could find and I’ve been on 20+ sites. Same model on some other sites is $1,400 PLUS shipping, so it at least makes me think this is a pretty good deal.

Only question I have is: Is it worth the extra $60 for the General pump (instead of AR)? Or does the pump not matter as much if I’m going to be using it much less than most of you pros use your machines?

With a $60 difference this is a no brainer


Right… I’d get the general.

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