Is 12.5% that much better thsn 10%

The best price I’ve found thus far is $3.60 for 12.5% but can buy 10% for $1.99 a gal. Is the 12.5 worth the extra coin? I’ve only cleaned one house so far with the 10% and didn’t notice much difference but it wasn’t heavy algea either like most of what we’ve done.

We can only get 10.5 where I live and it works perfectly fine.

Same here unless i buy bulk, but 10 has been working great

bleach is bleach -it’s all in how you use it.

Its not how much better 12.5 is, its about profit.
Just to make this simple if you pay $4 for 6.25% at walmart or $4 for 12.5% at a suppler who got more bang for your buck?
Most of the time when you get 10 and 12.5 your going through a supplier so your already getting it “cheaper” than a box store. But with 12.5 you can cut your mix a little more meaning a gallon last longer meaning more profit.

Also the difference is with your machines. Using the same chem tank a 4gpm machine final mix ratio hitting the wall will be higher than a 8gpm machine. This is why guys with 8gpm or bigger machines will run straight 12.5% with no dilution in the chem tank.

So if your running a lower gpm machine and 10% is working and is much cheaper to buy than keep using it.


I don’t know if they are everywhere but PoolSure delivers 10% for $1.70 per gallon. We buy 300 gallons at a time and store it in a tote.

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Man… @JimLuke I must’ve really hurt your feelings somehow. I’ll apologize for that, but creating an even weaslier online persona is just passive aggressive and unmanly. Feel free to call me anytime if you need to get some stuff off your chest.

Where can I get some 10% for that price? I’m trying to switch to 12.5%, but the average cost comes out to roughly $10/ gal. My current 10% is bought from Lowe’s @ $4 each. If I can’t find any 12.5% for any cheaper than $10/ gal, would it even be worth it? I just do simple algae removal. Both residential & commercial. Thanks!

@Rdugal0710 Every area is different for SH pricing. $10/gallon seems high but for some areas that’s about right. But if you can get 10% for $4/gallon, no need to pay more than double that for just a bit higher %. You’ll come out ahead by just buying 10% and mixing your batch accordingly.

Call pool supply stores. Ask if they have liquid pool shock. If you ask if they have SH/bleach, most will say no. They don’t realize pool shock is SH.

Also, google chemical suppliers in your area. Call them and see what the minimum quantities are for purchase. I’m guessing you might not be high volume enough for that but it’s worth 15 minutes of your time and a few phone calls.


See if you can find a wholesale supplier to the pool supply places. I started with getting a 12.5% 5 gal car boy from Leslie’s for $23, then signed up with the local supply warehouse and Started getting 5 gals for $15.50. Then I bought my 55 gal tanks and now get 30 gallons for $64, which is only 2.13 per gallon of 12.5% which is a great deal in my opinion. They even deliver it to me for free.

Ross, I don’t know where you are located. I’m in Houston and get my bleach at Napco. They deliver (we fill up 2 totes per order - 550± gallons) at $1.70/gallon. If you want some more info. let me know.