Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for having such a great site. I recently decided to go in with my neighbor and start a power washing business, and I have learned a ton from researching the forums here. We have done several small side jobs in the last month as a trial basis to see how it would go. We are both excited about the future of our fledgling business, and will be looking into seting up a “proper” business (insurance, llc, etc.) in the near future.

Thanks again, and I look forward to tapping into all the experience you guys have to offer.


Welcome, Todd and neighbor.

Welcome Todd. Search this site or ask any questions that come to mind. Have fun.

Welcome Todd. Since you and your neighbour are just starting out as partners in a business, may
I suggest you two visit a lawyer and have all the i’s dotted and the T’s crossed in the unfortunate
event the partnership heads south in the future. Many in the industry have found partnerships are
for dancing only. Just a suggestion, and good luck in your business! :slight_smile:

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.

[MENTION=2483]bills4065[/MENTION] Thanks for the advice, that is something we plan on doing over this winter in the off season. By next spring we should have a full fledged legal business.

Thank you for the welcomes everyone.