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Whats up everyone. I’m mike From Diamond Roof Cleaning Located in Williamstown and West Berlin NJ. I have been in business since 2006. I have built my business up to a 2 truck service team and myself as the sales and admin person( hopefully that changes this year).
I have been on many boards and have seen many things change in the last 13 yrs. I see a lot of the guys are on the Facebook groups ( I hate Facebook by the way and I don’t have a personal page). I do have a Business page that my web guy runs.

I actually stumbled across this site by accident and have read some threads and I think I can be of value to answer any questions anyone has ( of course after they have done their own research first).

Here is my website in case anyone want to see who I am. I do know some people on here but not many.

I look forward to contributing.



Welcome! It’s akways nice to see experienced folks join.

Are you a 12-volt, AODD, or gas powered pump guy?


Thank You. I used to use 12 volt and air but i converted to the booster pump set up about 3 yrs ago. I like the speed and convenience it gives my employees. I use 3 way electric ball valves to go from apply solution to rinse with a push of a button. It is really nice with a proportioner which allows us to switch from roof to house wash mix with a turn of the dial.

We still use a pw to dstream and work at the same time with the booster to wash houses.

The equipment is a little pricey but i try and build my own stuff where i can.

I have a power wash store skid, a soft wash systems skid and a hot water power washer on a trailer for when we need it.

Seems like there is alot of new guys with a lot of ideas here?


I forgot about the booster pump option…I’ve thought about it a few times in the past, but I’m currently “stuck” with a 12-volt system due to space constraints in my layout…I’m happy with the 12-volt for now, but if/when I change my setup I’ll definitely be looking at either an AODD or booster pump.

Would you mind starting a booster pump thread to share your knowledge on that with the rest of us?
(It would be helpful to get info on pumps to consider, pumps to avoid, simple layout diagrams, etc)


Yes I could start a thread about them. I do purchase them thru the Power wash store. They have a model that tim assleton put together. It has different guts than the regular Gould pump.
The pump is around 850 for 3/4 hp and 900 for the 1 hp. I use 3/4 because I can use the smaller generators to run them.


Good to know…the “guts” is what scared me away from them to begin with…I guess now they have stainless with viton gaskets??


Not really sure. I did talk to tim and he had told me but i was a little distracted when he did. They are really easy to rebuild. It will cost around 80-100 to rebuild them.


I do know that i cant wait for spring. It will not come fast enough.


Jersey up in here! There are a couple Jersey guys on here (i’m down in cape may county by Ocean City, NJ). Glad to have you on here.


What’s up Mike. Bill from Coastal. You’ve given me advice a few times over the years.


Welcome Mike, Nice website. Glad to have more experience on here.


What’s up jersey guys?


Thanks looks like an active place. I will chime in when I can and I will help where I can.


Hello everyone, my name is Corey with Clean Indy Pros out of Indianapolis. I have just created this business within the past month and anxious for this weather to turn to get started on my new adventure. I have been reading a lot of things on here and I think it’s awesome to have all this comradery. Just wanted to say hello.