Introduction and Safety Questions

Hey all, I just registered an account today but I’ve been anonymously stalking this forum for many, many hours. I feel like I’m gaining a University level education from you all!

I’ve not yet taken the plunge but am seriously considering starting up a residential building and surface washing company.

My name is Chris and I’m located in the South-Western region of Ontario, Canada. I know… another Canadian…

As I mentioned, I’ve spent hours reading here and also watching lots of YouTube videos so I’ve got a pretty good basic understanding of the techniques and equipment I would need to start - I’m thinking mainly residential to start as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of competition locally. I already have experience running a business in my area - sold my mid-sized business a couple of years ago and now looking for new lower-stress opportunity starting with me and my son and then maybe no more than a couple of other employees, at least to start.

For those of you in this area, have you had any environmental and/or safety problems/issues with the provincial MOL Inspectors? Please feel free to share here or message me privately. I’m definitely not looking to cut corners regarding safety or the environment, I’m just hoping for a heads up.

Anyway, I’ll keep reading and learning!


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As long as you’re not related to @DantheWindowMan you’re welcome.


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I haven’t run into anything like that yet, but I am just doing small commercial and residential.

Get insurance and WSIB.

Regarding environmental stuff, I don’t think we have anywhere near the problems that our friends to the south have with things like water usage and reclamation. We are surrounded by big lakes and have tons of water.

Do not claim to be able to re mediate mold or pests of any kind, you need a license for that.

Follow the basics on this forum, and you should be fine.

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