Introduction and a few questions


Hello all.I have been doing a bit of reading on here to try to get a pressure washing business going.Currently I have a hotshot trucking business and started five years ago,but these last few months have been worse than ever before.Too much up and down and very high overhead to continue doing it.

So to test the waters I purchased a 4K 4400 psi Dewalt at HD and a Lowe’s 15” surface cleaner.I know it’s not the ideal machine,but I started with all the best equipment in my current business and the guys with the cheaper trucks and trailer lowball the heck out of loads and stay busy while I sit paying the truck and insurance.So far I have cleaned my driveway,sidewalk,porch,fence,and my brother in laws driveway and sidewalk.

I posted the pictures of the before and after on the Nextdoor app offering driveway,sidewalk,and front porch special at $139 and only two inquiries but no takers.Also made some flyers at home and passed out about 160 of them and no calls.Any help in how I can better attract clients would be greatly appreciated.


The return rate on door flyer or hangers is typically really low - around 1-2% maybe. You have to distribute 1000 to see any measurable return.

Keep doing what you are doing. When I first started I would print up 500 door flyers a day and spend whatever time I wasn’t working flyering, even better on weekends when you catch people outside doing their lawn and can visit with them. Keep it low key, low pressure - no one like a high pressure sales pitch. I would also walk into businesses and just starting talking to the person in charge. Make a Facebook business page and start posting, Join as many local groups as you can. Don’t just post promotions but also post meaningful content that has nothing to do with your business. They will still see it is you, but it is about engaging in an organic manner and them seeing you or your brand one more time.
If you have the funds, get your vehicle lettered. Moving billboard. I have my wife take my truck when she goes to Wally World or Grocery store. I want it being see not sitting in my driveway.

It is not easy, but the harder your work the luckier you get.

Good luck!


Wow I didn’t realize that the return rate was that low on flyers.I guess I’m going to start advertising on Facebook and other social media sites like you said.

I got my first customer tomorrow.2car driveway,sidewalk,small entryway,and 29x9 small back porch.I was running a special for $139 that includes all those things minus the back porch which I charged an additional $45 for.