Hey all, recognize most of the names from the other bbs out there.
Just checking in here too.

Welcome Mike!

Wass up Mike…Welcome aboard.

Hey Mike, good to see you here.

Hey Mike! How are you buddy??

Mike we have met right?

Yes we met, I drove the r/o system back from Charleston for you a couple years back.

Ahh I thought so!

How is your season going?

Hey Chris were you at the Albany Powerwashing seminar back in 2009?

Nope, I think we first met at nola 2012?

Chris, season is rocking…tough to keep up in fact. Loving it so far. It should slow up with vacations coming up, but we will see.
How are things with you?
Would actually like to talk with you about adding window cleaning and maybe come to the warehouse to get the startup supplies…

Yup your right.