Intro and first question

Hi, I’m Brian. I’m in the Central Texas area and looking to get my own pressure wash business up and running.
I have been stalking the site and trying to build my knowledge.
Did a search and can’t find anything about power equipment direct, like everyone else I would love to do 1 stop shopping if they have quality stuff.
I am gonna stop here as I’m sure I could write a book of questions.


Welcome and another recommendation for Pressuretek

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thanks for the responses so far

Bob at pressure tek has helped me a ton …great guy everyone there is on top of …he truly wants you to be successful!!

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I’m brand new like you and just began ordering parts and accessories from Pressure Tek after hearing so much about “Bob”(Williamson) here. There are other fantastic vendors out there I’m learning, and everyone seems to have their preference, but PT has everything of quality, great prices, ships your order about as quickly as you can enter it and hit the Send button - and- will give you a quick, comprehensive response to any technical question you email him. He’s amazingly efficient.

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