Into - Sud n Clean Power Washing

I’d like to say “Hey” to all of you on the forum!

I’m Brad Frost from Nashville, Arkansas (yes, there’s a Nashville in Arkansas!!). I started my business, Sud n Clean Power Washing, in 2009 after being laid off from my factory in December, 2008 during the Great Recession. I did odd jobs to help make ends meet, and researched the agricultural sector in the area looking for some kind of service I could provide. This is a very rural state, and a very rural area of the state, where agricultural business drives the economy. Poultry, cattle farming and timber are big here. A friend of mine who has four poultry houses asked me to think about washing chicken house fans. “Ha ha! Not me”, I said. We moved here in '66 when I was a boy, and built two chicken houses. I didn’t want anything to do with them as an adult! But here I am, 4 and a half years later, and poultry is my bread and butter, so to speak.

I joined the PWNA in 2010 and took training and certification classes in exterior house washing and wood restoration. I also provide flat washing services as well as fleet washing services.

I’m married for 32 years this February to my much better half, Ann. We have two daughters, each now with their own families. I’m a Jesus Freak, and minister each Sunday at a nearby men’s prison unit.

You can find me on LinkedIn, as well as on the web at (I can’t tell you 'cause I’m new! Just Google it!)
I look forward to meeting and networking with you.

Hope your day is a blessed one!