Interpump piston material options

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone on here has had any pistons made up from different materials other than ceramic, and wondered how they and the pump head are coping.

I decided to pull my pump apart just before driving 300 miles to a massive job only to realise that one of my pistons had shattered. I had zero chance of getting a replacment before having to set off so I threw a peice of 3/8 stainless rod into the lathe and made a precise replica of the piston to get me out the :poop:

Thoughts ?

I think weight is going to be the problem. I almost believe it works be better to turn two more than have dissimilar weight.

I was thinking the same thing I will be moving that piston to the middle to even out the load on the bearings, it would be interesting to see the longevity of the pump if it had three stainless pistons.

No where as long as ceramic I believe. Ceramic is lighter and better heat shedding quality.

The material is fine, even with waterjet cutting equipment, some had stainless pistons and you’re talking 60k+ psi. Ceramic just lasts substantially longer and better at heat dissipation. Ceramics are also much harder, which is the main reason they last longer. Your issue, as mentioned, is the weight and throwing off the balance. You’ll trash bearings quickly with that setup you have. Either do all 3 the same or nothing.

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