Intensifying Bleach mix?

Hi Andy here from Australia, can anyone advise me on intensifying bleach? Stronger and more efficient!!

Have a bit of a read from this forum and you will find the answer.
Nobody gives away such a heavily guarded secret that easily.

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Add enriched uranium


Use stronger % SH than you’re using now


Using the stronests available in liquid…

Why do you need it stronger, its pretty powerful stuff as it is?

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The mould in australia is stronger. I am already adding some stuff to it, if you me it stronger you use less.

What type and %SH are you currently using.
I’m in the Northern Territory and not having any issues needing stronger solutions in fact I dilute significantly so I’m not wasting chemicals.
Also what “stuff” are you adding?

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Are you applying it straight, or down streaming?

Both mate, depending on the job.

What is the ‘strongest available’? What percentage? Even straight 6% is way more than needed for any mold or algae you have.