Insurance recommendations

What insurance company do you recommend? JD Walters doesn’t cover power washing or walking on roofs anymore. Any tips?

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Like you we couldn’t get a real answer from various companies, and someone suggested an insurance broker. Ours found a good policy through Erie, includes CCC coverage as we also do interior window cleaning.

Same thing here…we went through “an independent agent” (aka broker) that can find you what you need from a dozen or two companies. We also wound up running everything through Erie as well.

We use Erie aswell. Best coverage for price. Hopefully dont need to use it!

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We can’t get Erie in SC, so I use JD Walters.

any claims with Walter’s? Do you have 100% confidence in them?

Knock on wood, never had one, but haven’t ever heard of anyone who did. Their underwriter has been different the past couple of years, it’s Main Street America now, but they’re an A rated company that has been in business a 100 years.