Insurance rates

Hi Kevin,

Wanted to introduce our agency to you here. We specialize in Powerwash insurance in 47 states and have pioneered an exclusive policy with very competitive pricing for the coverage we are able to offer. Give us a call at 1-800-878-3808 to talk with one of our agents about what you need!


You can also review this brochure for some helpful information about insurance!Power Washer Insurance Guide.pdf (367 KB)

I HIGHLY recommend Joe Walters. I just got my premium quote from them, and let’s just say I was VERY surprised (and happy) with the quote.

Go with the guy who specializes in power washing insurance.

I’ve been with Joe Walters insurance for probably 15yrs now. Years ago he was 2 grand cheaper then the NY insurance I had where everything is overprice. I can’t say enough nice things about Joe and his insurance company. They always came thru asap whenever we needed something such as a company listed on the certificate of liability sheet.

There’s a reason Joe Walters insures more power washers around the country then any other insurance company by far. You can’t go wrong going with the best for a very reasonable price and Joe Walters insurance is just that.

Thanks for the info everyone!

Talked to Joe Walters Agency today. Gave me a great quote and were very helpful. Looks like I will be using them for my insurance.

Thanks again.