Injuries on the job?


I may have done something to my knee when softwashing, going to get it checked out tomorrow. Right side is on fire.

Who else encountered injuries, and what kind did you have?


I tore my left calf muscle two years ago…had to walk with a cane and had physical therapy for 4 monthes.
I was picking up a golf cart by myself so my coworker could change the flat tire…wont do that again! Lol


I had my knee give out about 2 weeks ago. Just walking. Not even doing anything crazy. No pain. Just stopped holding my weight. After that, it was just kind of squishy and unstable. I didn’t know what to make of it. I wrapped it for a few days, but then I got all blisters from the ACE bandage and it was kind of miserable for awhile.

Here’s the weird part. As long as I can remember, I always had a little bit of a click in that knee if I turned it a certain way. Never thought much of it. Well, now two weeks later, my knee is starting to feel not so squishy and the clicking is gone. It’s like I accidentally did a chiropractic adjustment on myself. So I think I’m actually good now.

Or my knee might randomly give out again next time I am on the edge of a 3 story roof.

Not that that helps you. I dunno. I have a lot of medical problems. It sucks when you have momentum going and you have to get stuff done.

I recommend not wrapping your knee. Or if you do wrap it, watch a youtube video so you know what the heck you’re doing. Probably better off spending the 30 bucks and getting a real knee brace.

See what the doc says. Good luck.

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I stab myself in the hand with the pick tool or razor knife once a month when I’m working on something. It’s out of control.


Know the feeling. Actually broke down and got a Tetanus shot couple of weeks ago for the first time in 20 years and stabbing myself on a nail at a customers house. I do something at least once/week.


A few years back I actually went to the ER for a “splinter”. This thing was massive: I was honestly scared to remove it myself. And I knew I was due for a tetanus booster. Picked it up while rushing through detailing some windows that had rough-sawn wood frames.

Then a year or two later I was back there for slicing the same finger nearly to the bone with my razor.


Ha ha I’m a 6’4 hyperactive man child, my life to date has been a series of accidents- it’s so normal it’s funny.
I’m 38 now though and I’m starting to feel the consequences. Getting old I guess.
Then again if ya not breaking bones ya not going hard enough i reckon.

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If it’s swollen bad, just go ahead and have fluid drawn off and get a cortisone injection. A good ortho can about tell right off if it’s gout fluid or not, but they can also send it to labs to test for it. Just don’t overdue it the same day. I’ve had about 6 aspirations and injections in the past 5 years on my knees. Couple of miniscus tears coupled with gout is some of the worst pain I’ve ever dealt with. Got so bad trying to work that I was physically shaking and starting to pass out while trying grit through it and work, while taking 800mg ibuprofens. Miniscus tears came from all the bend and twisting I used to do delivering touch-freight. If you’re lucky, it could just be gout, though I had a severe gout attack in my knee last winter that took over a month to get rid of, and cortisone only helped it for a day. Roughest 2 months of my life. Side note, found out from that last mri that my pcl had been torn at some point in the past.


I think it finally subsided. I took some Aleve and iced for 20 minutes, got some good sleep and it’s almost gone…for now. The VA gave me a compression sleeve so hopefully that will keep things stable for awhile.


Was on a ladder a couple years ago and decided to “save a few steps” and step over to a retaining wall on my right to set a screen down rather than go the extra 5 feet down. One misplaced step and bang! Retaining wall right to the ribs. Went to hospital for a poorly examined x-ray and some expensive tylenol. Said I was good. 2 weeks later (of work) still in tons of pain and went to my regular doc. Had more x-rays done and a little better examination and discovered I had 4 cracked ribs. Slept outside in a hammock for 2 weeks, much more comfortable than a mattress when your ribs are in pieces!