Information - low pressure wash



I’m looking to use my pressure washer to clean my shingle roof, vinyl siding, and cedar shakes with low pressure tips.

Can someone help me select the correct tips I would need to spray the detergent then rinse?

Also, my pressure washer has mixing pump and small tank. Can I attach the mixing pump to a larger tank with more detergent?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.




Pressure washers are not for roofs


Hey Tim, with all due respect I strongly recommend you hire a professional. You could easily cause costly damage to your home. There’s a lot of factors at play and a lot of things that could go wrong if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Even if someone here were to give you a step by step guide of how to do it; the insurance and experience alone of a professional is worth paying for.


This all you need right here…spray it on everything


Don’t do that. Especially on the vinyl. By the time you spend the money on all that Olympia malarkey you’ll need and the time to figure out what you’re doing you’ll save a boatload of headache and probably not spend much more by hiring a professional.

And you’ll likely be sorely disappointed by the end result with the Olympia stuff.


after at least 10 hours of reading here you could answer all those questions yourself and maybe not screw up your house


That Olympic stuff is super expensive bleach diluted with water and then they add some proprietary junk that will leave a haze that looks like accelerated oxidation on vinyl if it’s anything like the behr junk.


Guys, please quit recommending Olympic or Wolmans bleach.


Unless that was tongue in check, then, well played lol


Glad someone got the joke.

Sorry to make you go do research @squidskc


He got me…


Patriot cat is growing on me.


I pictured one of two scenarios:

  1. He puts the deck cleaner in the tiny tank on the machine and nothing gets cleaned after paying $30 a bottle.

  2. He sprays it on everything with a pump up, roof is blotchy and furry, vinyl is oxidized, and all the landscaping is dead because no one said to presoak AND rinse it off.


Black tip for drawing chems, red tip for rinsing… always red tip for rinsing.




This starts out like the job i bid yesterday on a 1.6M dollar home, he wants to spruce up the 6500 sq ft paver driveway. " What do you mean that’s mold and not dirt? No, no one has tried cleaning it before." Hmmm, Sir are you sure no one has been in here with a small pressure washer trying clean this because the lines and blown out poly sand say otherwise? “Oh that, well i suppose I may have done that last year… " How much to clean it?” Sir, that will be 1493.00 and while I will change out the nozzles to protect the sand I can’t guarantee previously compromised sand will not be removed. “When can you start?” Just give them a few hours with the 2.3GPM Ryobi machine and you’ll sell it every time.


…except for here, they think lichens and algae are pretty. ‘Character’ I think is the word one person said.


I think we forgot a key step!