In Line Valve?

This might be a stupid question, but does anyone make an in-line valve? In other words, is there a valve we can put between the hose and gun, allowing us to shut it off, remove the gun, and put on a surface cleaner, different gun, etc, WITHOUT shutting off the machine and relieving pressure, restarting, etc? Thanks fellas

OK, already found some. Which valve does everyone like? …Or doesn’t like??

Look for athread on here from Oct 25 or so. Ball valve.

Takes a beating and keeps on going… 3/8" FPT Heavy Duty Ball Valve - BALL VALVES HIGH PRESSURE / LOW PRESSURE

+1 this the only ones we use

I asked the same question a few years back… Recieved the same response I gave you… Nothing better than that. Mine has been pounded, scratched, etc. works like the day I got it from Bob

That’s the one.
Your life just got 1000x easier.

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