I'm Purchasing this MJET Now


I have a 5.5gpm 3500 psi. Before I hit the checkout button, am I buying the right one?


I figured out the proportioners by using the search function.


The #13 looks right for your gpm and psi.

BTW the screen on mine dissolved when I accidentally left it in bleach overnight. Either get the optional pail or build your own, don’t struggle with using a 5 gallon bucket like I did.

Some people have pointed out the next size down will draw chems in a longer line, like 30-50’. I haven’t tried it on mine but something to consider.


I plan on getting a ten or fifteen gallon Pail somewhere and building one


I think a jrod is better


Than what?


Than this


That’s like saying a cinder block is better than a banana. Two different things. He is asking about cleaning mildew covered stucco. DS won’t deliver enough bleach. That’s what the Xjet is for in this scenario


His J Rod pulls pulls straight SH…:that’s what happens when you don’t use water to wash


Lol. I forgot about his website. We’ve all been doing it wrong.


??? … uh?


Dang, and I just bought a new hot water unit. I could have just used a can of Sterno to heat my water and saved some money?



Should it be worded differently?




Nope. It fits you perfectly. Wouldn’t change a thing.


Then why cause all this drama?
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I didn’t start any drama. Someone else cracked on your site.I just posted a screenshot so everyone else knew what he was referring too. If you’re happy with it leave it. It’s better than the stolen stuff you had so leave it be. No drama from anyone unless you post again.


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Please don’t use profanity on the forum.