I'm in the market for a new roof washing system. What do you guys suggest?

Hello to all of you roof cleaners out there. I’m going to start washing roofs in the fall. What are some systems that you guys currently use and like? What do you suggest I get?

Fatboy Bandit.

Thanks for the response Clark. I have looked into that unit and it’s on my list of possibilities. Do you currently use the Bandit?

Fat boy bandit. I use all the components that come with it, but built a skid mounted system myself.

Yes we do. It has been problem free since we got it 3 years ago.

Sounds cool. Let us see it!

Been using the Allison Cyclone for 3 yrs now as well. Never clean the pump out (it’s a plastic) UDOR pump that’s gas powered and works like a charm.

I too would love to see some pics of someone’s set up for those using the bandit. I was pretty impressed with the demo at NOLA last year.

Bandit for me too

Do you currently use the bandit? Or do you just like it?

I started with the delevan bandit, upgraded to the fatboy bandit and now use an air pump with the bandit set-up. I’m having trouble with the flojet air pump and may be going back to electric (fatboy)