Im a newbie, help me please

…newbie to the whole biz…anyway, i just recently got in the biz and have been doing mostly pressure cleaning and about 3-4 roofs a week…theyve all been barrel tile and luckily for me ive only broken a couple out of the 15-25 roofs ive cleaned and i told the clients ahead of time there was a good chance of it happening…i also have a roof guy that helps me out repairing what i break…any way i actually just heard about low pressure roof cleaning THIS week and really want to learn more about it…ive been reading a lot here and about 2 other forums… and have alearned about the different methods…mostly chlorine and tsp and such…and that the eco friendly stuff is all marketing…which doesnt seems like a bad racket if i was a salesman …anyway…since i am new to the biz i dont have all this capital to re-invest in new equipment…i have a small pw 3400 psi that i use to do A LOT of work…(never been scared of long hours)…i wanna know if any of u “old timers” have any tips on how to keep my costs down at least until i can save up a little to get a proper rig? anyone have access to any training videos you feel may be useful to me? …and also…how do i price low pressure roof cleaning in comparisson to regular pressure cleaning a roof??..i know…lots of questions

What is your name?

What is your location?

What is your budget?

Name is Jorge and im in Miami, FL. My budget…is really low.

Welcome Jorge,

Of the last six roofs cleaned, what is the average sale price and the average time on site?

Honestly it has taken me a 6-8 hours on average…charging on average about 350…i figured low pressure would be more expensive since you do less damage to the roof

My friend you don’t need equipment…you need education. I would seek out a company or person that can help you with this.

After educating yourself, acquiring proper equipment would be the next step.

So Tim you were sayin?

Oh sorry Jorge did I interrupt??? What you didn’t like my advise??? Probably don’t know what I’m talking about Huh???

Good Luck Chief.

Hahahaha no i didnt. Was looking for actual advice not opinions on how to waste time when i have a family to support. I understand what you were suggesting is sound advice but im looking for suggestions to use tommorow. I really am not trying to sound unapreciative just kinda tired of people busting my… for no reason.

You don’t have the right tools or knowledge to do this tomorrow. If they told you what to use, and you bought it tomorrow, you could kill yourself and cause $10,000’s of damage. Not too good for your family.

Guy, is right you need to learn more. Like guy said find someone in your area that can help you out. You said you have 3400psi? What’s your gpm? Are you only doing roofs? If your just blasting away at someones roof your going to damage it. If your here looking for help then be open to what anyone says. Most of these guy who are here have years of experience.

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We r here to help. Good luck to you.

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Look I wasn’t trying busting your chops…but I will now… What I gave you was the best advice you can get. You don’t have money for proper equipment or the knowledge to use it. If you need to support your Family…GO GET A JOB!!! And quit pretending to be a roof cleaner or a pressure washer. You refuse to take the sound advise of the people here that actually do this for a living??? Really???

Here’s a Haha for ya…Give a Man a fish and he’ll eat for one day…Teach a Man to fish and he’ll eat forever.

Use That For Tomorrow.

I just apologized for getting frustrated at you guy…but if your just gonna continue being a prick just just stay off the thread…

To anyone else that is actually trying to help, thank you…im not some ungrateful punk…im getting into the business because my area’s unemployement is crazy and $10 an hour doesnt cut it…

I know i need to learn…maybe i made the mistake of thinking i might get some education here in this forum…in any case i would really like suggestions other than the fact that i need education…so if you would like to help thanks, if not thanks anyway

People in my area arent exactly known fir helping their neighbirs but it doesnt hurt to ask so i will…yes my pw is 3400psi with2.8 gpm…i know its weak but its been working so far…i do anything the customer wants…ill pressure clean the dog if they want me to…as far as damage, wheb the roof us one if those shinyirange ceramic tiles i let them know there is a high probability that i will probably break a tile or two but that i also have a roof guy with 20+ years experience whi will fix anything really cheap…havent had a problem yet…yet…thats one if the reasons i was looking into sodt washing but it doesnt seem like thats gonna be an option fir me…and i do apreciate the help…even if it does come from a prick like guy, but im not gonna bend over and just take it like that…hope no one gets offended by that by the way

Unwad your panties friend.

The pressure washing community is a tight group that is open to helping new fellows like nothing you will ever find anywhere else.

Quit being so flippin’ sensitive.

Chill out. Take what you need and quit poking at my friends.

You can literally start a very successful business by reading the PW forums without every asking a single question except using the search bar. Many have done it. But they exhibited a little more patience than you when it was time to ask questions of other washers.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your roof cleaning empire be.

If you can not develop the traits necessary to receive a totally free education, do a 'net search for Doug Rucker - I hear that he runs a school to help folks who want to learn the trade.

Are you still on Don’s roof cleaning forum or did you get mad and quit that too?

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What apology Jorge? Where Jorge? In what Universe Jorge?

No you want info “Spoon Fed” to you. You don’t want to hear the real truth. You can’t learn what you need to know on a computer.

No you saw some guys washing a roof or pressure washing and thought “Hey That looks like an easy way to make a buck” because you don’t have the education to make anything more than $10 an hr in the real world…Do you see a pattern here Jorge… …education=money.

So I try to give you sound advice that several people here agree with, then you disrespect the advice given and I’m a “Prick”???

You’re right Jorge…I’m Out.

I understand and you are mostly right…im trying to show some patience here but maybe its your butthurt friend that should be practicing some…ill just read some more and pm people when i have a question instead of making a public thread about it…

And yea im still on the other forum…havent quit either one…except the people in the other forum dont seem as menopausal and have actually pm me with advice

alrighty then.

And that, dear friends, is an excellent example of “what will not fly on PWR.”
Farewell, MiamiPressure.

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