If you want to come to NOLA 2013

Get on the list!

All 50 pre-registration tickets were sold but seats are not confirmed until paid for. Get on the list if you want a seat at THE business-building event of the year!

I just put my name on the list. Hope there’s room for me.

Done … I will be there…

My name is on the waiting list. Thad could you check to make sure I
haven’t signed up twice? I can’t remember if I signed up right away or not…


You were already down for two, Kyle.

Thanks Thad.

Can you take me off the waiting list please? I’m only bringing myself and one
other guest.

I put us on the list and booked the room for 5 days. If we couldn’t get in it’s still nice to go to NOLA to get a mini vaca out of it. Beautiful place.

Thad, anyway to tell how far down I’m on the wait list?

You’re #11.

Bad news, podjo- you don’t get the room if you’re not an attendee! They will cross-reference and cancel that mamma-jamma.
The good news is you’re good to go. See you in January!

Sweet!! Good memory. I said I was definitely coming back for next year(2013) at this years NOLA… All the bulljazz aside… What a special thing you guys do there Thad… Ok time to go to some other bb’s and yap the bulljazz :smiley:

I really love NOLA its the only event Im ever super excited to go to…

TThad I would love to attend,but you will have to provide my room,food,gas money there & home,as well as,my speech fee…bahahahaha

Oh, that’s doable then. Before you said catered limo from Georgia to Louisiana…

Me, too!
I love the city but I love getting to hang out with my friends even more.
The top-notch information and networking is OK, too, I guess.

Feeling bad for the people who dilly dallied and didn’t sign up sooner! January is a great time to travel. Although I will miss the scandalous pre-Mardia Gras parade this time.

Crew de Vieux will roll while we are there, again. And it’s all PWRA people with balcony rooms, so that’s sewn up.
Also, Carnival (Mardi Gras) is split up this year because of the Super Bowl. Two major parades are rolling on Saturday. So we will be there during Carnival- take that as a heads up or as a warning according to how you feel about revelry.

[MENTION=7024]Lana[/MENTION] why will you miss the parade this time?

Am I on the list?

You’re not on the first 50. Are you on the wait list? Everyone on the wait list so far should get a ticket right after it goes live.