If I add a bigger motor will it give me more gpm

I want more GPM changing my motor to something bigger do that or would I have to get a new pump too

What do you own now ? ( Specs)

North Star 4000psi 3.5 GPM cat pump with hot water add on
Lance Standifer

it’s best to upgrade both at the same time. For instance – wouldn’t make any sense to upgrade from a 13 h.p. to an 18 h.p. motor and keep the pump at 3.5 g.p.m. Or keep the 13 h.p. motor and upgrade to a 6 g.p.m. pump.

I have a 13 HP and then the 3.5 GPM pump what do you have

And would you get a smaller pw for little jobs instead of hauling all my stuff on the trailer???

I own an 18h.p,. Honda with a 6 g.p.m. pump.

No, gpm is a function of rpm. A million horses turning at 3500 rpm will still give you 3.5gpm. You need a pump rated at higher gpm. You can pair a 5.5gpm pump to that same engine, but then your max psi will go down proportionally (and you’d need different nozzles to properly match it). I run a couple 4.5 pumps on 13 hp motors and they are good backup machines. We can even saimese them together for 9gpm. We very rarely need over 2500 psi, but we need volume on every job we do.

Who makes a 4.5 GPM pump??? And you said Siamese them how do you do that

Lance Standifer

AR makes 4.5 gpm pumps, both belt and direct drive. Russ at Southside equipment sells a siamese kit, its basically a few whiplines with hydraulic checkvalves and a tee that let you plumb two machines together to go to one wand or surface cleaner.