Ideas to sell equipment

I have never used equipment paid over 14,000 dollars for but would like to sell it. I am not in this business and don’t know much about the equipment (long story how I ended up with it) Any ideas?? I have put it up on E-bay, Facebook market place, and other like websites. I would like to get it out of my garage but I also don’t want to just “give it away” either. To be honest the only thing I know about the equipment is it was suppose to be the “best of the best”. Any help would be appreciated, such as what other websites I can use, how to describe the equipment so those that understand this stuff know exactly what it is, and what is the most important information to give???

Thank you in advance!!!

Tell us what you have.

Tried to put up photos will only allow me to put up one.image1
vertical diesel fired heater, motorized vac hose reel, two motor vacuum head (no drum or filters), two fuel cells, hose reel tree for two reels, two reels and the gas motor and pump (pictured) All the frames and reel tree are powder coated. I think that is it, if I could send more pictures I would but I don’t want to abuse the site by sending one picture each time.

Well what kind of pump is on the engine? Specs? Gear drive? Direct drive? Is the stuff on a trailer or no?

no trailer, pump is driven with three belts from motor.
hope the picture helps with the pump

Hope no one gets upset with me putting up one picture at a time.

Sirocco and Bulldog setup it appears.

is this a good setup?

On facebook post it for sale on power washing groups and there’s a group where you can list pw equipment for sale . The more the pictures the better , also try and get all the equipment on one picture. Price accordingly

Thank you!! Now for the big question “price accordingly” I know what I paid but percent wise, like 70% 80% ??? what should I ask for it?

No worries about posting multiple photos if people are asking for them.

I upgraded your permissions so that you should be able to post more than one photo at a time. It’s a safety measure to keep bots and spammers from going hog-wild.

They are overpriced and under built. If you are selling and not keeping it’s a win win for you :slight_smile:

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Check how much they cost new right now and then I would start at 70-80 % of that . But be ready to bring it as low at 50%, it just depends what’s for sale right now in your area and who’s looking

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Thank you all for the information! Will get all pictures up here as soon as I get back home

Thank you again

Nows the time to sell it because its spring. good luck. This is a good fb site to sell it on,lots of traffic.


image7 image6 image4

image2 image1
Here are all the photos I have fuel cells are not pictured

Thank you!!! Everyone has been very helpful!