Ideas for trailer

Hey how’s it going fellas ,building project pressure washing business trailer for houses, driveways, sidewalks, and farm and construction equipment. so I have a 5x8 trailer with an Ibc tote so far. I watching you tube videos that just created questions.

  1. How many reels do I need for each job?
  2. What length of each hose should I get?
  3. Do I only run one injector to the main hose witch would be the hose that run to the machine to the gun Ofcourse ?
    3 part 2. Do I only run soap to that? Or should I run SH? Or have SH to a separate hose?
  4. I know that soft wash would be one of them . But would the soft wash be drawing water from my tote as well? But also from a transfer pump or what pump should I use?
  5. How to connect them all
    If this is confusing you have an idea how much I’m breaking my head about this. Thank you all advice and tips and knowledge would help thank you.

9 minutes of reading here would not be considered breaking your head. Read more and hopefully you enjoy. If not you’re probably in the wrong place


Search bar is awesome….you can find a wealth of information with it. Much success on your build!

Look up trailer builds in the search feature…ton of info there. Look at the top right of the page, looks like a magnifying glass…type it there.

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