I would love to use this

I would love to use this in some sort of marketing campaign this year… Just not sure how yet…


That is awesome!

Throw out some ideas and we will create it.

I don’t have any ideas at the moment but I bet a dollar to a donut that the little boys name is Timmie. He just looks like a Timmie.

A little intro about how as a child you discovered your calling… You Tube. I’d like to use it for part of a you tube clip. It would be great.

Is that Ron’s kid? Wait he’s got little girls-- disregard

Well No I Don’t Carry Workers Comp Or General Liability Sir…But No Worries It’s Just Pressure Washing…Been Doing It All My Life.

add a picture of a bandit sign saying “$99 dollar house wash

Is it bad juju if I post this pic on my facebook page with a comment likened to what has been said here? It’ll definitely get some attention.

Do you want the “Fly by nighters” like this to Powerwash some of your most valued possessions such as your home, brick Patio’s or your store? Hire a contractor from the Pressure Washing Resource Association www.pressurewashingresource.com to get the most professional cleaning job done the very first time. You won’t be disappointed.

Too bad there wasn’t a video of the fiasco that my customer told me about today. His next door neighbor somehow hauled a pressure washing machine up onto his roof only to have it roll off and take him down with it. 23 stitches in his head, lucky to be alive…

Sounds like some of my competition here.

OMG, that’s just funny. Especially since he survived. Who would think if something like that? You can’t fix stupid.

He did what? Insurance right? No? It’s ok we fix $75 house washes!!!

Spray Away, Inc.
“Power Washing Your World Clean”
Serving DFW area

Pressure washing isn’t child’s play, call a professional!

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