I want to start pressure washing!

Hi this is my first post here!

I’m from the UK and a student and want to start earning more cash. I walk a lot and noticed many drive ways just looking awful with weeds etc building up on them so I got the idea to start pressure washing to clean them today and my friend is on board to help. I dont have thousands to spend but I do have 200 I know its not much but its something and hopefully as I make more money from this I will fully invest back into it. I want to know what a good washer for around 200 would be and tips and tricks to getting started. How much should I charge for driveways as all I want to start with is Driveways. We are very committed to this and really want to start our journey from rags and hopefully to riches!

You can’t even get a bad pressure washer for 200. Get a part time job and save up until you can afford decent equipment would be my suggestion.

Can you rent equipment there? Doing a driveway is more involved than you would imagine…although I suspect the UK driveways are only like 20’ long.

Here’s a US driveway lol.

That driveway would probably pay for a new machine by itself :joy:

A small belt drive, maybe in 2018 prices.:+1: