I think this is a wood restoration question...?

I’m a window cleaner in Boston who added on soft washing last year and did about 2 dozen vinyl houses and a handful of decks with great success. I have the opportunity to clean a house going on the market that is unstained/unfinished wood on the outside, and it has some VERY mild mildew on it, and no mold that I can see.

The house was built in 2014 and it’s getting ready to go on the market, so the owners are doing everything to spruce it up.

here is a pic of the house: https://imgur.com/a/463wSPy

My question is, is it safe to use the standard SH mix to clean this house since it has NOT been stained or had any kind of wood protectant or sealant on it that I can tell? Im sure it’s pressure treated because its exterior siding wood, right? So would a mild SH mix discolor or yellow the wood at all if I were to soft wash it? If not SH, is there anything else recommended to remove the mildew safely without discoloration that I can still run through my softwash system? I am using a GX390 4gpm direct drive with 150ft of hose and a 5 gallon X-jet draw bucket and a Jrod on my wand with the 4 nozzles as my system.

Thanks in advance for any help, and if clearer pictures are needed I can probably go out to the site and grab a couple of closeup pics tomorrow; the pic linked was just to show the wood on the house in general. I can go out and take pics of the areas that have mildew so they could be seen up close if that would help with anyone’s thoughts or opinions.

thanks in advance!

I’d pass on that one.

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At the risk of asking for educational purposes, may I ask why? So I can learn something from this?