I only had one job to do...just one


Dont bother diluting it or trying to figure any of that out. Just let the soap injector draw straight degreaser. Get the area nice and soapy. You can agitate with a brush if you want to after you put down the soap but that’s up to you.




Money left over, sure. Some. With Plan A and I have a power washer afterwards that should run for some time.


If it’s a residential driveway you probably don’t need degreaser unless You’re dealing with oil stains, but if thats the case theyre not comimg out anyways. Most driveways just have dirt and mildew on them. Use soap and bleach imstead of degreaser.


Do you have a specific mix?


Sure… Bleach and soap. As far as ratios it kind of depends on what you can get youre hands on. Chances are your small home owner machine may or may not have an injector so to keep it simple pour 2 gal of of 12.5 bleach in a 5 gal bucket. Add some soap then fill the rest with water. Pour some on the concrete and use a brush of broom to scubb it in. Then surface clean. If theres still mildew afterwards then just repeat the first step and domt rinse it off. Good luck.


What @Clean1 said.


Yeah probably. What is your guestimate on the job?


Idk. I don’t do flat work


What about a Squirt bottle


I got your squirt bottle right here…


(Somewhat)Uncalled for on original post, sorry… its been a long day.

for being here for some time now and your 3hr searching time, you have already beat the odds at getting a few ppl with vast knowledge to give you an answer… you have gotten somehow pretty good info from a newer dude that is still figuring it out (im in same boat for that matter). Yet even newer person gives a smart answer, which im inclined to do often, and you go back at him.

Use your “points” buy a home owner model something and a sprayer… spend a day doing what you need to do and be happy you didnt pay Jim_Gamble $17,373 to do it for you.


Simpson pressure washers with a Honda motor run great however the AAA pump that comes with it is junk I had my pressure washer for just over one year and the manufacturer told me that I cannot get the warranty so whatever you do make sure you buy extended warranty on all of their equipment because it constantly fails it’s junk now they want to charge me $400 for a new pump that’s crazy after I already paid $600 for the machine I am not a happy customer Simpson can suck it


Did you use it commercially?


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False: The answer is 4 times.


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That’s hilarious.

What’s worse, is how thrown I was by such a simple typo. I’m usually pretty good at deciphering people’s typos. Like when I see “jace” and I know they meant “have”.

But switch “use” to “is”, and my brain short circuits, lol.