I never posted my Rig

After leaching you guys for info and trying to piece my set up together I just realized I never posted any pictures once I got her rolling. So far everything is working pretty well. There seems to always be things I want to add but that also seems to be the going trend! LOL What do ya’ll think? Everything was bought brand new except the truck of course but it was bought for the business. Hopefully I can get some fresh paint, wheels, tires and lettering for it soon. Oh and I will add an axle! LOL

Nice rig!!

I like it! A great start. You’ll outgrow it soon enough but it should help you make some money in the mean time. Clean. Not to criticize but Lowes has stainless clamps with flat plates that would be a much more secure method of securing the tank and washer to the deck.

Sure, if you plow into a bridge abutment at 55 mph, you’re screwed anyway. But what the heck, a better fastening system may save your bacon during a more routine collision.

Here is one example;
Shop Stanley-National Hardware Stainless Steel U-Bolt at Lowes.com

Put it this way Aritt-- Man o man I wish I started with something close to that. Your at least 3 yrs ahead of when I first started.

Thanks guys! Tim, I never really thought about the straps not holding it down in a fender bender. I’ll look into those!

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Tim’s the man. He speaks we listen. God I wish I had this bb back in the mid 90’s when I started. You guys that are here I hope you realize how fortunate you really are…you dawgs:cool:

I like it. The only thing I would change is facing the hose reels left or right depending what way you pull up to the curb side.

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sweet looking rig! Question : do you pull roof mix out of the same tank as your PW? If so, I may suggest adding a smaller tank, that stuff will destroy that really nice PW!

No, I have a 40 gal tank I pull out of but I’m looking to upgrade to a bit larger one soon. It sits on the opposite side of the big tank. Like I said, there seems to always be something that needs tweeking (not to be confused with twerking) LOL

I’m eventually going to do something different with them but they are working for me at the moment. I was thinking about putting them on a swivel base mounted on the rail of the trailer? I’m going to add a hudson valve to my tank in the next couple of days and a real for my inlet hose is next on the list

40 is small. We have a 65 and have not ran out on a job, but have been close. I’m going to get, and I suggest a minimum of 100 gallon for chems if you do roof cleaning.

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Will do man! Thanks!