I need idea's of some type of contest I can sponsor for the PWRA members

The PWRA has me excited. Tim fields is right when I read somewhere on a different bb that the PWRA is the best group of Powerwashers world wide I believe he said. Or maybe he said at least nation wide.

I am fond of Thad, Chris & Alex and co. Who do a great job here. No I’m not gay…lol I am an admitted lesbo though lol.

I had the good fortune of landing this huge job for my small company. What started out as a $31,000 job has now increased to about $80,000. Its to clean a very highly populated party village on the gold coast of Long Island.

We are working from Sun - Wed night for the next month and I have to be here due to the large amount of party goers who come here and these brick walkways have never been clean. Gum alone is a disaster and the majority of the price to clean(I learned my lesson the hard way when charging for gum removal as well.

So this gives me more time to post on these bb’s

I also told Thad and Chris L. That I am willing to give back some to a group that has helped me make a few bucks and that group is WWW.pressurewashingresource.com

Where talking around $500 here give away. I would go more with a contract like this but I’m also going to pay for my daughters first yr of college at least and that ain’t cheap. Shizz my bills aren’t cheap.

So here’s the ideas I have which I expressed to Thad. This was my idea and it went over well when I was on the UAMC* convention committee in 09. Get a roving bar in the trade show when it first opens up. Give all attendees two tickets for either alcohol beverages or just soda’s or a mix. These attendees can give these tickets away to anyone there. Watch how guys get a few cocktails in them and then they become chatter boxes and they want to talk to distributors at the show. Also let the distributors get two tickets each. This livened up our trade show. Go one step further and do a ribbon cutting ceremony and then let everyone go to the mad dash to the roving bar right in the middle of the trade show. This is an ice breaker and always a hit. If this can be done then Clean county PW will pay up to $500 to sponsor this.

If that ideas bites I have another one where I’ll give away 5-$100 gift certificates to your favorite distributor but I just don’t know what type of contest to hold for this at the convention.

I’m in a given mode so catch me while I’m still in it and with that $500 number what do you suggest I use it for as a donation to the PWRA Convention so I can give back some of my good fortune from things I learned right from this bb and connecting with you guys.

Love to hear some ideas.

Bar sounds good…

The convention is going awesome

I’m only offering. The PWRA Convention is not going to change any better with something I’m offering to give back. I only offer idea’s and give back some when I can.
Hey Alex best move you did was get out of the banking business. My brother in-law hates it but he’s stuck because of open heart surgery. Talk about stress.

Enjoy the Convention and say hey to Anya for me and Kathy:)