I need help! Starting a new business

I have lots of questions about equipment mostly. Is there a web site or an expert i can talk to about how machines work and what is the recommended first buy when we are just starting out???

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Your first piece of advise from the veterans at PWRA will be to read, read, read. Start with the forums here, and just by searching google on
things. I know this because I too am new to the business, and have spent countless hours searching the forums for information. Once you
understand the basics members will be more likely to help you fine tune things.
You should consider filling out more info on your profile as well, members like to know who they are exchanging with.
Hope this helps some, good luck.

What he said.
You’ll also stumble across information you wouldn’t have thought of asking by reading as well.
We don’t mean to seem like we’re not willing to help, there’s just too much info to learn and you’re better of learning it through reading rather than someone just telling you.
About what machines are recommended for starting though, at least 4 gallon per minute, 3500 or 4000 psi, belt drive.
Direct drive is cheaper but doesn’t last as long for people that run them as much as we do.
You can find some 4gpm machines online for under $1700, maybe less.
Direct drive with the same specs, about $1k.
Pressure pro is a good, affordable brand.
The belt drive will last you 10+ years if you take care of it.
Direct drive, maybe a year or 2 and that’s after having to change the seals on the pump multiple times.

As far a equipment & supplies. Check out Pressure Tek, PowerWash.com & Powerwashstore.com & Russ Johnson ( forgot the name of his place ). Good luck to you. Like said above, research a lot. Seek & yee shall find

John Devine. allwashedupny.com

Russ Johnson, Southside Equipment

I second Russ.

As you learn the equipment, focus on ONE service first. Learn it well, then add others. The more wand time you have the better your service and of course your revenue stream.


Feel free to visit our website, Pressure Washers Direct. We have plenty of articles and Buyer’s Guides that should help you. We also have an expert that you can call for any questions you may have.