I need help locating a new trigger for my extension pole

Hello to the group, thanks for reading, appreciate it.

In the package of used equipment i bought recently, i did get a used 18 foot extension wand. It is a Giraffe model. The trigger ( handle) is broken and I need help finding a place to get a replacement, Thanks for all of the links or leads you can post for me. I am in NC.

It’s already broken so no need to feel guilty about tossing it as soon as possible.

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Where in N.C. are you? Profile & info says you’re in Canada…

seems like you busted another liar. I caught one a year or so ago doing the same thing, profile says he is working in one area but phone number and web site were in NJ

Cmon whats wrong with a little anonymous posting :smile:

If I had my way and I do. We would allow for full anonymity here. For some reason, today pressure washing forums have fallen into the 'Signature Trap". You must have a full signature. Name, company name, phone #, Fax# web address, social security#, mothers maiden name, etc…

Coming soon this forum will be set up for full anonymous posting. No need to even create an account you can just come here and post or read.

Its coming!

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I can’t agree with FULL anonymity. I want to know if I’m getting advice from guys like Thad, GuyB, Tim4, etc as opposed to some guy who bought an HD 1 gpm unit yesterday afternoon and thinks he is now an authority.

SOME anonymity, fine. But there has to be SOME way to gauge the reliability of the information, ESPECIALLY for the ones who will be entering the business…they need to be able to know who is telling them what.

I really believe that full anonymity would ruin this forum. Just my opinion, but I think a lot of folks will agree.

In the early 90s I had my first experiences with forums, they were completely anonymous. I feel like forums, in general, have gone downhill since then. You could post a question about anything without feeling silly. Anonymity helps put away the pretentious crap we build up around our name. It allows you to have real discussions.

Anonymity will be an option only not mandatory.

Also, you will see as you use the system there are a few ways to gauge the reliability of a poster. There is a sophisticated trust system built in. It allows you to identify easily quality posts and posters.

I will have a post up this weekend about the trust levels and how they work. You will like it I promise.

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Well, you guys have done great so far…I’m sure these changes will work out fine!